Regular Courses

Over the last several years shoot school has helped our students with finding placements and linking them with industry job demands through various assignments that students can undertake on a paid basis. We also have a placement cell that constantly provides assistance to our students and we have a huge fan following from hobbyists, amateurs and thorough professionals. So come and talk to us on how we can polish your creative skills.

Photography Courses

Below courses is to prepare the new generation photographers and imaging professionals about the recent developments in the new media imaging industry. The ideation of this course is to narrow or create the magic bridge to void gap between the creative and technical barrier of using Light as a medium of Art and Expression .These course will enable and encourage professionals, semi-professionals and enthusiasts in the field to establish themselves in the new break and experience their creative expressions using third eye. Considering the interest, choice ,taste and aspirations in choosing the career. We have made the courses depending on the choice of basic inclination of students from a Portrait or fashion or wildlife or functional or wedding or product photographer.

Duration : (1.5-3) Months
No of seats : Limited to 40 Pax

For the Beginners, enthusiasts and people with basic camera experience who want to upgrade their photography skills


Duration : 3 Months No of seats : Limited to 40 Pax

(For the Amateurs / Semi professionals interested in advancing to a professional photographer or for those who seek a career as Studio / Functional / Wedding photography )

Dilpoma in Photography

Duration : 6 Months (NSQF Level 4/5 /7 ASST CAMERAMAN & CAMERA OPERATOR & DOP-DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY) Duration : 6 Months of which 1.5 months for project & portfolio shoot. No of seats : Limited to 40 Pax  

Who should attend: Those who completed Plus Two / Graduates in Science/Mass Communication/Environment/Wildlife exceptional cases amateurs interested in advancing to a Wildlife Photographer or for those who seek a career in Nature and Wildlife photography? Here there will be number of field training and nature camps as a part of the course. Course fee includes two wildlife photo camps exclusive of travel expenses.

Duration : 6 Months
Fees   : Rs.65,000 + GST

For amateurs interested in advancing to a Fashion or Commercial photographer or for those who seek a  career in photography  and who have completed L1 and L2 as a pre-requisite. Option to have Photo  shoot in abroad with International  Models &Professional Make-Up Artist and Stylists

Video Production Courses

Duration : 3 Months
Fees   :Rs.45,000+GST

We offer a course in Video editing on leading video editing Software Platforms. It is the most popular editing machine, not only in the Media, Entrainment, Web &Television industry but also in the Commercial Productions & Film Industry. This course enable students to gear up with the basic ideologies of editing and to help them learn and develop their own aesthetic and media production sense.

Duration : 6 Months (Assured 100% placements those whose certify QP1401)
Certification from NSDC/MESC – MES Q 1401

This course enable students to gear up with the basic ideologies of editing and to help them learn and develop their own aesthetic and media production sense.The course focuses on the editing practicals and aesthetics of Digital Cinema making & Television production platforms. The course is designed to teach the art and technique of Film and Video editing using popular softwares, so the students can work as Independent Editors or Assistant Editors in the Film or Television industry. Candidates those completed degree and looking for career as a Video / Film editor got interest in film or media production will be ideal. Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is preferred. we have to understand that the software is a tool for an Editor express his/her creativity; and achieving this understanding is one of the core objectives of our film editing course. This is not to say that learning software is not necessary, in fact it very much is; but understanding what you want and can achieve through it is of vital importance of storing telling on screens. As new editors we must first understand what impact a moving image or movie can have on the viewer and how that effect and power can be manipulated through editing. In this editing course we will not only covering all the important aspects of editing, but also work with each individual and makes you to develop more in control, creative, innovative film editors. 

Diploma in Cinematography

Duration : 1 Year of which 3 months for Project
Fees   : 1,50,000 +Taxes Accommodation (Excluded)

This course prepared to young graduates preferably , exceptional cases admission granted to 10+2 completed students comes with a proven portfolio and skills .Amateurs interested in a career in Digital Film making or Electronic Cinematography  or for those who seek a career in photography & Videography. Since the DSLR camera become a common platform for Photography as well as Videography or Digital Film Making. We also provide specialised training in micro controller based gimbals, basic techniques in video editing and colour grading. Those aspiring to be a  Digital Film Maker or e-Cinematographer receive intensive hands-on education in the technical and aesthetic demands of shooting with digital cameras. Students work directly with essential tools of the craft shooting with UHD/4K/6K Digital cameras under industry veterans) (Includes – Short film & Advt Shoot)

Duration : 1 Year of which 3 months for Project

(Projects , Case Studies & Media Production)

This Course is prepared for students intent in long-term their studies in digital media production to acquire the necessary skills for a job or entry to digital media profession.  It particularly prepares students who are presently working in the industry for job advancement by permitting students to update or develop their digital media skills.  As more and more industries need employees to be digital natives, this course helps employees and individuals coming from traditional and print-based media to transition into the digital media environment.  Students gain hands-on experience by creating all types of digital media projects and a web portfolio using the latest camera, lighting, audio, and editing technologies. Career options from Digital Media ad Social Media production house manger to Head of Digital Marketing and Communication Team. (Includes – Short film & Advt Shoot).