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Photo Tours Mentor


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  • Sunday : 10.00 am - 2.00 pm

Mohan Thomas,

Mohan Thomas a builder by profession. Nature lover, Conservation activist and Traveller. Holds a Bachelors in Engineering, Graduate from University of Bangalore. Currently working as Producer and Director on a Video Documentary project for Kerala Forest Department. One among the Best Wildlife Photographers from India. He already photographed more than 200 tigers from all most all Wildlife Sanctuaries and National parks from India.Done a mesmerising Photographic Journey across the globe from Africa to Middle east and Brazil to Norway. Experience as wildlife across the globe with greatest passion and impeccable love towards nature.Shot different species of wild animals,birds, etc in forests around world, are more beautiful than perennial ice in the freezing seas,jungles of thick vegetation,fast flowing rivers clean lakes or the boundless deserts.Done a major Wildlife Photography Exhibition named “Third Eye” jointly with Kerala Forest Department at Cochin in June 2013.