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Professional Digital Photography Training

Shoot School is the official Photography Trainers for numerous Institutes & Leading professional photographers in South India with Head office at Bangalore. We support all disciplines of photography, from Fashion to Virtual tours.At the forefront of the photographic profession, we mentor, train, qualify and support professional photographers. If you want to develop your photography, or need advice, visit our on training or qualifications and mentoring sessions.

Shoot School Cochin is the only Photography School run by Engineers and Professional Photographers. Facilities includes state of art Digital Cameras and Light Systems from global brands.The Fashion Photography studio of Shot School known as F18 Studio last word for fashion and portfolio shooting in South India.

Shoot School’s Advanced Digital Photography Certificate is most suggested Course for Wedding & Fashion Photographers. It pools the contents from our Level 1 and Level 2 Photography with studio Lighting and its structure reassures the students to breathe and live photography for 3 Months. With hands-on experience (70% practice / 30% theory) and projects (on location with your Trainer / Instructor and on assignment by yourself) throughout the 3 days/week, by the end week you will feel tremendously permitted, fully in control of your camera and will see the world with third eye.

In Photography there are no mysteries or secrets, there are only principles and techniques that we don’t know or haven't mastered or practiced yet. As photographers, from the moment we embarked on this great adventure, whether knowingly or not, we all became light explorers and started our journey into the light. Although the camera we use and how we use it is of vital importance, our decisive tool in photography is light and our ultimate goal as photographers is to master its science & magic. Composition, an interesting subject, a great pose and an appropriate background, all contribute immensely to making good pictures, but light will ultimately shout louder than anything else. The way our subjects are lit will make or break any photograph we try to capture on any type of media we use.

The Level 2 Studio Lighting Course is designed as a step by step training program for you to master not only the language of light and its behaviour, but to learn to see it, move it, bend it and most importantly control it, no matter where, when or what you are creating images of. Totally geared towards Studio Lighting, you will discover how to easily model your Subjects with light and consistently make professional looking pictures for commercial or personal use.